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INTES Family Business Academy by PwC is regarded as a market leader and first point of contact for business families in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with PwC, we stand for:

Family – Consulting services for business-owning families: INTES has nearly 20 years of experience as a pioneer in consultancy for business-owning families. The methods and models developed by INTES can be found in the family constitutions of numerous family businesses. 

Business – Services for companies: in addition to auditing as its core service, PwC stands for high-quality international strategy, management and implementation consulting as well as legal and tax advisory services. PwC supports family businesses with their growth strategies, while also helping them remain independent.

Academy – Qualification for owners, successors, CEOs and advisory boards: INTES offers practice-oriented courses for stakeholders in family businesses.

INTES makes business-owning families stronger. PwC makes family businesses better. Business owners and family businesses benefit from this unique combination of ownership and business expertise!

INTES Akademie für Familienunternehmen
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