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succession advisory service

Succession includes two things: ability and willingness. As a (potential) successor the process of making up you mind whether the path to family business really fits one's own goals is not an easy one. Also, many successors and predecessors are often unaware that, in addition to the role of CEO, there are other options for young family members to take up responsibility.

Once the decision to succeed in a leadership role has been taken, the question remains as to how successors can systematically acquire the skills they need for the job. Typical questions are:

  • How and in what time frame is responsibility given and taken over?
  • Which stations are useful? How long should the transfer phase last?
  • How are non-operational siblings involved?
  • How must structures in families and companies change when the generation change takes place (governance)?

If you want to build your own succession master plan and are looking for a sparring partner or a consultant, we will gladly bring you together with an experienced professional.

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Executive coaching

You are looking for a coach to guide you in your personal development? You want someone who gives you honest feedback? You want to expand your strengths and know your weaknesses, because you want to develop not only professionally but also personally?

Are you currently weighed down by the following issues:

  • Private and entrepreneurial topics hardly seem separable. But you want a clear differentiation between you as a person and you as the managing director?
  • Collaboration with the senior generation is fraught with conflict and your method of resolution does not seem to work?
  • Certain family topics are taboo. You wish for an open dialogue about these topics.

We can gladly suggest some coaches who have already accompanied several successors in comparable life situations.

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