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Family constitution

How do we ensure that solidarity among family members remains intact, how do we keep up our entrepreneurial spirit?

How can we strike the right balance between the interests of active and inactive shareholders?

Is our business prepared for succession – and do we need to transform it?

Succession to the throne or equal distribution  – what’s best for the business? And for the family?

Which family members should take up which roles in the future?

A family constitution can provide answers to all these questions.

It is formed as the result of an ownership strategy process and documents all the rules of ownership for the business-owning family. It is morally binding and written to be easily understandable. Many of the included rules form the basis of the articles of association.

A family constitution is one of the most important measures for ensuring the long-term survival of business families. Written rules that are formulated early on and accepted by all family members ensure stability and communication in the family, while also accounting for various interests and preventing conflicts.

We help our clients develop owner strategies and family constitutions in a structured process that usually involves a series of workshops together. This is based on the owner strategy concept developed by INTES founder Prof. Dr. Peter May. Our experts act both as facilitators and as mediators. They can help you address even the most difficult issues, suggest solution models from other family constellations and help you combine your individual answers into a well rounded overall concept.

Other topics that frequently arise within the context of working on a family constitution, and with which we can gladly assist you include:

  • Tax optimization
  • Setting up family governance to bring the family constitution to life
  • Development of tailored events and programs to train and strengthen the family
  • Conceptual design and implementation of family days
  • Conceptual accompaniment of philanthropic activities of business-owning families
  • Design and implementation of a family office


Depending on your individual situation and your specific challenges, we will bring you together with the most suitable expert for you and your questions. Feel free to contact us!
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