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Training for advisory board members in family businesses

Family businesses are increasingly setting up advisory boards as sparring partners, to accompany succession, as a link between management and the shareholders, or as control bodies. These committees, however can only provide true value if their members are properly qualified. We offer a comprehensive training program for business owners, shareholders and managers, who (want to) take on advisory board responsibilities.

Are you an business owner...

...and are you planning to take on a position in the advisory or supervisory board of your company or another family business? The characteristics of a family business are, of course, just as familiar to you as all the issues of corporate governance. However, you will be looking at things from a changed perspective. And the requirements of your new role will be different.

Are you a shareholder... a family business and do you want to prepare for membership in your company’s advisory or supervisory board? You need to fully understand your rights and obligations to competently participate in the advisory or supervisory board. In order to be able to take responsibility for your decisions, you have a clear understanding of strategy, financing and accounting. Only then you can fulfil the requirements of your new role and be a valuable partner to company management!

Are you a manager... a non-family business and do you intend to become a member of an advisory or supervisory board in a family business? If so, you will need to have an in-depth understanding of how family-owned companies work, their specific opportunities and risks and how the responsible persons in a family-owned business can deal with them.

We offer: Training for advisory board members and those who want to take on this responsibility.

As a business owner, shareholder or external manager, you will take part in three two-day courses to prepare extensively for your role as an advisory or supervisory board member in a family business.

These seminars are conducted in German, but we also offer individually tailored seminars in English.